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August 31, 2022 3 min read

grey and white cat playing with a white and a pink ball

Keeping your kitty entertained can sometimes be rather challenging. They will find every single item in the household worth touching and knocking down, which can potentially cause serious damage to your vases, picture frames, and other decors. That's why you should make sure your puss is equipped with an entire arsenal of toys to always attract their attention more than house items. These are some of our top suggestions.

Scratchers for Sharp Nails

Are you sick and tired of having the legs of your furniture and the sides of your sofas constantly scratched out by your cat? To keep them away from the precious furniture, offer them something to play with whilst keeping their nails sharp. Scratchers come in various shapes and sizes, so you can offer your kitty different types of fun. From small discs that they can toss around to large boards to walk on after they’re done scratching, you can offer them a full spectrum of amazing toys.

Tunnels to Keep Them Active

Kitties love to run around and explore due to their prying nature. To encourage their curiosity and make every day more fun than the one before, get a nice little tunnel to play inside. Invest in the one with peephole and a hanging Toy to offer them the best playhouse where their playtime will be super adventurous. This will prevent them from hiding inside a box, a flower pot, or whichever crate-like item. What's more, if you go for foldable tunnels, you'll be able to transport a mini fun house wherever you go and feel free to bring your kitty with you.

Fish Shape Tooth brush to Chew On

Keeping your puss happy and healthy should be imperative, and thanks to innovative toys, you can offer them the best of both worlds with a single toy. Get them a chew-friendly fish shape tooth brush to keep them entertained and allow them to have their teeth clean at all times. Sometimes you won’t be able to clean all the food leftovers with a standard cat toothbrush. That’s why a fish shape toothbrush will be a great toy choice. Not only will your cat love playing with it, but their teeth will be perfectly clean and oral odor-free. The toothbrush is filled with cat nip, which will inevitably attract your kitty to it and make it their number one toy. Considering it’s made of natural non-toxic rubber, the cat will have the time of their life and be able to play with it for ages. You also have the option of replacing the catnip inside with your cat's favorite food to help and attract the pet

Cat Activity Center

When you wish for a toy that will stimulate your kitten both physically and mentally, a cat activity center can be a great choice. Featuring five activities, the cat center will keep all of your pet's senses activated at some point. To get to their favorite treats, cats will have to use their nose, paws, and tongue to finally reach the prize. Since it's dishwasher-friendly, you won't have any trouble washing it.


Important Features to Keep in Mind

When choosing a toy for your pet, you should have the following features in mind before purchasing a certain toy:

      • Safetysafety should always come first. That's why you should steer clear from toys made with any type of small beads that a cat can swallow. If you choose to get them a toy that they can climb on, be sure to cat-proof the room so that if they fall off it, they don't hurt themselves.
      • Your pet’s sizebuy small toys for kittens to make it easy and safe for them to play. Avoid toys with holes and loose materials until your cat is over 5 months old.
      • Cognitive functionsyou'll want your kitty to develop their cognitive functions whenever they play, so look for toys that will stimulate their brains rather than just allowing them to play without thinking.

Final Thoughts

In the sea of amazing cat toys, be sure you pick the ones that are safe and stimulating enough for your cat. You'll want your puss to progress in every possible way, so invest in toys that will offer them a good time and improve their cognitive development.